CyanideBlizzard's Burn Up! Ova Review

Rated: 5

Burn Up! is the epitome of an 80s action movie. Beautiful girls, fan service, dangerous situations and plenty of explosions and people getting shot. There isn’t a great deal of depth here, but they do try to give us a bit of character building here and there. Save for Yuka, I still don’t know a whole lot about her by the end. This is definitely a product of the time and it shows, and sadly both in good and bad manners.

However, I enjoyed what Burn Up! is. Not necessarily as a great OVA, but as some good old fashion mindless fun. On the whole, the series strikes a center of the line when it comes to the polarity of being good or bad.

I also have to confess that I am a bit confused as to the targeted age group.

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CyanideBlizzard's Ruin Explorers Ova Review

Rated: 7

Ruin Explorers is really a hard show to rate. As a fantasy series, there isn’t anything stand out about it. It focuses heavily on comedic elements with the adventure, but not in the same league that something like The Slayers did. It has dark and serious elements as well, but not to the point of Orphen. Despite having an incredibly cliché story, Ruin Explorers was an absolute blast to watch. The fact that we are taken on a four episode ride makes the journey all the more worth any bumps in the road that come along the way.

Ultimately, Ruin Explorers doesn’t deliver the complete package, though it offers a lot of good elements throughout.

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CyanideBlizzard's Koudelka Game Review

Rated: 5

I don’t really know how to place my recommendation or condoning. Koudelka has elements that can easily draw someone on board, and at the same time there are plenty of elements to easily turn someone away. Yet I can’t help but to fall for the clumsy and weird charm of Koudelka. It’s such a weird experience, and certain things just do not work. However, the ones that do actually work rather well and are more than enjoyable.

It ultimately comes down to how it all sounds to you. Does the game look fun? Does the experience sound exciting? Do the problems sound like they’d detour you? This may be one of the first reviews I’ve ever done where I feel like it truly is up to the viewer to take from what they will, and go from there.

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  1. frozenwilderness Aug 03, 2016

    wow does anyone even log on here anymore lol

  2. Huesin Administrator May 21, 2016

    Quote by CyanideBlizzard But it got away!

    Good thing you didn't try to use a master ball. Those things are a pain to escape from.

    At that moment, I forgot everything about master balls. Next time the shiny CB wont be able to escape though >.<

  3. Tina18 May 13, 2016

    Quote by CyanideBlizzard I am here to glomp you, give you some delicious pancakes, and sneak away.

    The order is up to you!

    I want all the glomping you can give! I hope youre well, really miss you.

  4. Alenas Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2015

    Quote by CyanideBlizzard

    Quote by Alenas

    Thanks, Cy~ xD

    Well, can't say how special it was, seeing as I don't even celebrate it anymore lol. It's become just a day like any other to me. There were cakes, though. I can always eat cakes!

    Ah, I feel ya. We've been melting for the past month. No one went out of the house between 10am and 6pm. It was hell. There was no air. Luckily, we're currently in a more cooler, rainy week so it's become bearable. xD

    Whatcha been up to lately?

    So sorry about taking so long to get back to you. I've actually managed to reverse my habits now and I end up forgetting to check MT now instead of checking in every now and again.

    Heya, welcome to the club of "after-a-certain-age-it-just-becomes-another type-day" We're an exciting group that enjoys the simple things in life, including doing absolutely nothing of interest on our days of birth. The only stipulation is there has to be cake, or cupcakes on this day. Since you meet that requirement we would be honored if you joined us.

    Oh goodness, literally melting is most definitely not good for the skin. However, I am really glad to hear that it was far more comfortable around the time you got back to me. For myself, it's been especially warm so far this year and only in the past week have things actually started to decently cool off. We did, however, get a bunch of rain. Which only served to add humidity to the higher temperatures.

    For myself, mostly just doing the YouTube thing! It's still only a side project, but I'm putting together something that hopefully will give it a good chance to see if I can actually take it off, or if it'll continue to just be a casual side project. Outside of that, I've just been working on getting away from the computer more. Which helps greatly since I got out of freelance graphic design. It'll be even better now that it continues to cool off even more, so there's even more things to do outside.

    What about yourself though? I know previously you were so busy with your Masters, so I imagine the busy-ness hasn't subsided yet, but I hope you've been finding fun things to do in the meanwhile. It's also a delight to see you still walling. It reminds me of all the great days of yesteryear.

    Lol, now I am sorry for replying so late OTL

    Well, it's safe to say we stopped melting now and are currently freezing our asses off. Man, can never catch a break. Ah, getting away from the computer sounds good, indeed. I should do it more often, too. I've already gone half-blind from staring too much at it, lol.

    Well, in the meantime, I finally graduated and obtained my two Masters so now I am in the middle of looking for a job/internship. There's a high chance I might land one in my hometown so hopefully, that will earn me some money for a year before I take my professional exam and can finally go and look for a real job. I do kinda miss all that buzz that came with stressing over exams, theses and deadlines. Now I have nothing to do and stress over and I'm bored out of my mind, haha. So yeah, can't wait to start working so I can occupy my mind with something. I really hate feeling restless but bored. >_>

    Yep, I am still walling, although sporadically. With the amount of activity on MT dwindling dangerously, the only thing that's gonna stay active will be the Scan section. Such a shame to see MT turning into just another image board but, well, everything has its expiry date, I suppose. :/

  5. UberDog Oct 07, 2015

    Quote by CyanideBlizzard Heya Uber, I reported your thread so that someone in the current staff will see it and address it.

    Hopefully you'll get a response or a resolve to the situation a bit quicker now.

    Here's hoping!

    Thank you CB for your ever vigilant though from afar care and professionalism. Hope all is going well in your life and glad to see you still come around from time to time.
    Take these MUFFINs and go forth into your wonderful day...

  6. Alenas Retired Moderator Aug 17, 2015

    Quote by CyanideBlizzard

    Quote by Alenas Terribly Fashionably late, I know but Happy Birthday, Cy! Hope you had an awesome one~ <3

    Fashionably late is the only way to go.

    Thanks so much, Sani! It's absolutely wonderful to hear from you, and I most certainly did.

    I hope that you've been enjoying your summer to the fullest, and that it hasn't been nearly as warm there has it has been here. I'm terrified to leave the house because I might melt.

    Also, I know I missed your Birthday as well so I shall use this opportunity to wish you a very belated one as well! I hope you made the most of that very special day!

    Thanks, Cy~ xD

    Well, can't say how special it was, seeing as I don't even celebrate it anymore lol. It's become just a day like any other to me. There were cakes, though. I can always eat cakes!

    Ah, I feel ya. We've been melting for the past month. No one went out of the house between 10am and 6pm. It was hell. There was no air. Luckily, we're currently in a more cooler, rainy week so it's become bearable. xD

    Whatcha been up to lately?

  7. Alenas Retired Moderator Aug 13, 2015

    Terribly Fashionably late, I know but Happy Birthday, Cy! Hope you had an awesome one~ <3

  8. myri-chan Aug 08, 2015

    Happy birthday Cy ! ^.^
    May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
    *here's your cake* ^^

  9. Valuna Retired Moderator Jul 31, 2015

    Quote by CyanideBlizzard Oh wow, a Sena avatar! You reminded me, sometime I need to get my hands on Haganai. I really need to rewatch that.

    The stalker noticed my avatar (also signature). Haganai is quite fun. Sena is pure love. Honestly my favourite female character which is physically as mentally very nice.

  10. ArtificialRaindrop Apr 23, 2015

    Didn't really seem like a rant to me XD

    Actually, I admit right around the time I started working I was having internal issues with Malaysian sellers and people ripping off my wallpapers. While I can't say it no longer bothers me at all, I think I've finally hit a point where I've learned to laugh over it a bit. Also, I've found amusement in shooting the occasional email to some of the ebay sellers asking for a discount on the items that feature them. No takers yet ;)

    FATAL FRAME! Right as I gave up on it, they decide to let us actually have it! I got the hand-held game for the 3DS, but I'm going through console withdrawals. It still breaks my heart we will likely never see the fourth game over here though.

    Also, my sister has been my connection to anime lately. She's been busy with school and work, but somehow she manages to find new shows and pull me in to them. She also started me on a dangerous obsession with Puella Magi Madoka Magica :|

    You picked a fun time to move south, what with all the weird weather we've been having, or maybe that's just us on the Gulf. We had over a thousand lightning strikes in our area last Friday. It wasn't even a tropical storm, but it felt like a small hurricane.

  11. Pinyan Retired Moderator Apr 20, 2015

    Quote by CyanideBlizzard Welcome back to Minitokyo, and I am really liking your new avatar!

    Thank you very much!

  12. ArtificialRaindrop Apr 19, 2015

    Quote by CyanideBlizzard
    Does this mean that you might be returning to Minitokyo, and perhaps even might be doing a wallpaper?!

    but more importantly, how have you been in the past few years?

    Yes, and yes, though I'm likely going to be extremely slow making one. I'm so out of practice XD I definitely plan to check back here more, if nothing else. I couldn't believe how long it was since I last logged in.

    I've been pretty good, just so busy that by the time I get off work I tend to be lazy. How has life been treating you? :)

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