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CyanideBlizzard's Burn Up! Ova Review

Rated: 5

Burn Up! is the epitome of an 80s action movie. Beautiful girls, fan service, dangerous situations and plenty of explosions and people getting shot. There isn’t a great deal of depth here, but they do try to give us a bit of character building here and there. Save for Yuka, I still don’t know a whole lot about her by the end. This is definitely a product of the time and it shows, and sadly both in good and bad manners.

However, I enjoyed what Burn Up! is. Not necessarily as a great OVA, but as some good old fashion mindless fun. On the whole, the series strikes a center of the line when it comes to the polarity of being good or bad.

I also have to confess that I am a bit confused as to the targeted age group.

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CyanideBlizzard's Ruin Explorers Ova Review

Rated: 7

Ruin Explorers is really a hard show to rate. As a fantasy series, there isn’t anything stand out about it. It focuses heavily on comedic elements with the adventure, but not in the same league that something like The Slayers did. It has dark and serious elements as well, but not to the point of Orphen. Despite having an incredibly cliché story, Ruin Explorers was an absolute blast to watch. The fact that we are taken on a four episode ride makes the journey all the more worth any bumps in the road that come along the way.

Ultimately, Ruin Explorers doesn’t deliver the complete package, though it offers a lot of good elements throughout.

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CyanideBlizzard's Koudelka Game Review

Rated: 5

I don’t really know how to place my recommendation or condoning. Koudelka has elements that can easily draw someone on board, and at the same time there are plenty of elements to easily turn someone away. Yet I can’t help but to fall for the clumsy and weird charm of Koudelka. It’s such a weird experience, and certain things just do not work. However, the ones that do actually work rather well and are more than enjoyable.

It ultimately comes down to how it all sounds to you. Does the game look fun? Does the experience sound exciting? Do the problems sound like they’d detour you? This may be one of the first reviews I’ve ever done where I feel like it truly is up to the viewer to take from what they will, and go from there.

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CyanideBlizzard's Parasite Eve Game Review

Rated: 4

I have to confess, I really wanted to like The 3rd Birthday. I wanted to like it when I first picked it up and reviewed it, and two years later I still wanted to like it just as much. It seems someone decided that putting Parasite Eve elements would be able to help carry this game to legendary heights, but instead it just highlighted all the problems even more. I said it before and I’ll say it again, as the game stands by itself it’s a beautiful-looking third person shooter on a system that it really shouldn’t be on, with a storyline that rockets all over the place and is more of a confusing mess than enjoyable.

I can only imagine what game the developers were originally creating before they put in the Parasite Eve elements.

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CyanideBlizzard's Riding Bean Ova Review

Rated: 7

Riding Bean and Bean Bandit may have been cut short as a series, but make no mistake about what it brought to the table. I can definitely see why a lot of elements in Bean Bandit were used in Gunsmith Cats. There’s a lot of potential for a great series here and it certainly would be far from dull.

However, certain aspects like Bean Bandit literally being a tank and some really misguided use of mature content wane this experience from being legendary. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be discredit for what it is. A solid, action-packed 80s thrill ride. Riding Bean set out to achieve something, and in my book it certainly did just that.

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CyanideBlizzard's Betterman Tv Review

Rated: 8

By today’s standards, Betterman may not look nearly as well. It may also not be nearly as appealing due to the amount of material it covers both in terms of symbolism and in terms of biology. Alongside the experimental style some of the show uses to tell it's story, it definitely paints itself as one odd ball of a series. However, Betterman stands up far better than most shows from that time period. Superior visuals, a haunting soundtrack and an incredibly interesting in-depth story keep it in high standards. I’d go so far as to say that Betterman is probably one of the few series from the 90s that still looks fairly good by today’s standards.

It’s with that in mind that I have to say I was truly surprised at how good Betterman actually is.

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CyanideBlizzard's Ro-Kyu-Bu! Tv Review

Rated: 6

Dist : As much as we have been nitpicking, the story itself is actually not that bad. When it focuses on a character it does it well, when it focuses on the game it works, basically everything that a sports show should do.

It’s when the show decides to force it’s “humor” is when it falls on it’s face. It also spends way too much time focusing on Subaru, when no one really gives a damn, or should. The focus should be on the girls, but that too is a problem because when it does focus on them, they are almost always having the oddest conversations that make me feel quite uncomfortable. Thankfully these are fairly far and few between.

Overall I’m a bit mixed about this one.

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CyanideBlizzard's Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru! Tv Review

Rated: 3

CyanideBlizzard : To be honest, I hate saying this about a show because I do believe that there is always something for everyone out there, but I just can't think of who Kono Naka is suppose to appeal to. The worst part is Kono Naka isn't exactly terrible, it's just bland in every sense of the word.

As a form of character development and plot, it's nonexistent. As a harem anime, there are so many more out there that have done it far better before and have far more interesting females to follow. While it is fairly nice to see Shougo as a decent guy, he's also incredibly dense and indecisive.

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CyanideBlizzard's Majutsushi Orphen Tv Review

Majutsushi Orphen

Rated: 6

The first season of Orphen is one interesting experience. By today's standards, a lot of the show is pure cliché and slightly below average, but the story itself holds up remarkably well. When the show shines, it really does shine brightly and when it doesn't, it's very noticeable. I wouldn't expect anything less out of a show that's now fourteen years old. Orphen has a few issues here and there and it really shows in the sound, art and some of the plot. However, it still doesn't change the fact that the first season is a very enjoyable journey with characters that grow and a fairly interesting world and plot to boot.

With all of this in mind, it's even more of an embarrassment that the second season of Orphen is what it is.

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CyanideBlizzard's Gasaraki Tv Review


Rated: 9

Gasaraki isn't a show for everyone. As I said before, you'll either love it or hate it, but either way it's definitely unlike any experience anyone will ever have. Even after fourteen years, I've found the show to be a diamond in the rough and I'm honestly surprised that it isn't more popular than what it is. One thing is certainly for sure, is I deeply regret not watching this show sooner.

While Gasaraki may not take as much time as it should developing the characters further, it does a remarkable job of pulling you into the show and getting you to care about what's going on to it's cast. By no means a perfect anime, and by no means a series for everyone. I highly recommend doing some research beforehand just to make sure that this will be the series for you.

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